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Who We Are Welcome to the Wales Krav Maga and Kickboxing Association (WKMKA)! We offer Krav Maga and kickboxing training classes to Adults and Kids in Cardiff, Wales. Our classes are taught by the most knowledgeable instructors in the industry. Many of our members are excited to attend our classes. You too can join us for an exciting new challenge. To join us now click here. Contact us here

Founded in 2014, WKMKA are members of the British Combat Association as well as the World Krav Maga Association, a worldwide training and accreditation system developed by Master Alex Paris, renowned for his accomplishment in Krav Maga.


Our Instructors Our instructors have received training from some of the world’s masters in Krav Maga and kickboxing. We are passionate about educating our members through innovative and enjoyable teaching methods. We motivate and challenge our members to do their best. Many of our members love the challenge and are comfortable with their progress.

Our instructors work hard to ensure that no class is the same so you’ll enjoy a new experience with each and every class. If you are looking for a new challenge click here to join us now! Contact us here


Meet Jason Orchard The WKMKA team is led by Jason Orchard, a highly experienced and dedicated fitness professional. Jason founded the WKMKA to give local men and women the opportunity to learn new self-defense and fitness skills, utilizing his own experiences and knowledge.

Jason has practiced a wide range of martial arts and fighting systems since the age of five and he is a qualified Krav Maga instructor. Jason gained his qualifications with the World Krav Maga Association under Alex Paris. Jason is dedicated to building upon his training with regular sessions from some of the world’s leader authorities in Krav Maga and kickboxing. Jason’s dedication to his own training ensures his Krav Maga and kickboxing self-protection and self-defense techniques are at the highest levels and his expertise can be passed onto WKMKA instructors and class members.

Jason holds a Black Belt 3nd Dan in kickboxing and a BTEC Level 3 Advanced award in Self Defense as well as being a Level 3 Instructor in Krav Maga. He is widely experienced in a range of martial arts, as well as being a highly experienced personal trainer and ex amateur boxer.



  • WKMKA is a proud affiliate of the World Krav Maga Association (WKMA). This organization has promoted Krav Maga around the world since its formation in 2008.
  • WKMA is made up of Masters of the system who have decades of experience in Krav Maga as well as many martial arts.
  • WKMA organizes regular events and courses around the world, giving more people the opportunity to become proficient in Krav Maga and become instructors themselves.
  • At WKMKA we utilize the same methods as the WKMA in our classes ensuring all our class members are given full preparation for using the system in real life situations.
  • WKMKA is also an affiliate with the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations for Great Britain (WAKO GB) part of the larger network WAKO which has over 110 countries currently in membership.
  • WAKO GB was founded in 1979 and plays a key role in national and international kickboxing events, training and development.
  • WAKO is the Sport Accord recognized world governing body for kickboxing and it welcomes professional instructors to become members.
  • WAKO GB is designed to promote the sport and practice of kickboxing and coaching, ensuring the safety and well-being of all members.


Contact Us If you have any questions about our Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and Boxing classes in Cardiff, please complete the contact form and a member of our staff will get back with you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting with us. To join us now click here! Contact us here